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3D interior rendering

Creating a 3D rendering of interiors is an art. In this project we applied the doors to interiors that meet the originality of each of the pieces and the quality of the raw material used that is made with the best materials.


Proudly Portuguese, Compincar was established by António Barbosa in 1993, who has led his small family business to prosper over time. With a very strong family orientation, his passion and knowledge is in line with the family who work daily for the success of the company.


The videos created present in an exceptional way the environment in which each of the pieces is inserted and bring closer the idea of how the door can be inserted in the client’s project.


Compincar has the privilege of producing high quality luxury doors for both internal and external use. They have been building their brand for over 25 years and their clients are exceptionally satisfied with the pieces created as they create in each of the projects applied.


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