Pescas Antigas

The logo concept for Pescas Antigas revolves around the idea of transforming the visual elements of a fishing hook and sea waves into the representation of a codfish. This creative approach aims to symbolize the connection between traditional fishing practices and the sea flavor that is predominant in the brand’s codfish product.

Fishing Hook: The logo starts with the basic shape of a fishing hook. The hook is a well-known and recognizable symbol associated with fishing and the sea. It represents the brand’s commitment to traditional fishing methods.

Sea Waves: Within the outline of the fishing hook, the designer incorporates the curved lines representing sea waves. These waves symbolize the authentic sea flavor that sets Pescas Antigas’ codfish apart from others.

Transformation: Now comes the creative part. We have manipulated the shape of the waves, skillfully molding them to resemble the silhouette of a codfish. By cleverly combining the elements of the fishing hook and sea waves, a visual representation of a codfish emerges within the logo.

Authenticity: The transformation of the fishing hook and waves into a codfish not only conveys the authentic sea flavor of the product but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to traditional fishing practices and respect for the maritime heritage.

Colors and Typography: To add to the brand’s light and creative approach, the colors chosen for the logo could include shades of blue, representing the sea, and white for purity and freshness. The typography used for the brand name “Pescas Antigas” could be playful, yet legible, further reflecting the brand’s identity.

The final result is a visually appealing and cleverly designed logo that encapsulates the essence of Pescas Antigas—bringing together the fishing legacy, the sea, and the authentic flavor of codfish in a unique and memorable way. This logo concept is not only aesthetically pleasing but also communicates the brand’s values and story effectively to the target audience.



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